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Welcome to PSchroeder MarketinCommunications. We deliver content marketing solutions  for manufacturers.


With messages that move prospects to action

Agility. Responsiveness. Today’s marketplace demands content that positions companies to stand out from competitors. Using a variety of techniques, your prospects receive exactly what they want: value.

With more than 28 years of marketing/writing experience, companies in manufacturing will benefit from these skills. If your company is in manufacturing, material handling, metal fabrication or alternative fuels, it's time to partner with a business that understands yours: PSchroeder Marketing Communications, LLC


Customized Content

Let’s be clear. Your prospects want content they consider valuable. They want content focused on them and their problems. If you understand this and can ratchet down your own corporate ego, but don’t know or have the time to create quality copy, please read on.

Recruitment Content

Reaching the right candidates for manufacturing positions has never been more important. The workforce is aging. Baby Boomers retire at a rate of nearly 10,000 per day. Customized content using the right media connects employers with the right employees. Find out how your company can attract the best candidate by contacting me today!


Services Provided

Services Your Way

Remember the adage, give a man a fish and you feed him for a day; teach a man to fish and you feed him for a lifetime. That’s the theory behind our consulting.   We work alongside your team, training them as needed.

Effectively Telling Your Story

We tell your story using customized content. In other words, we create content that engages your target audience(s). This content comes in many forms, but always has the same goal: moving prospects to take positive action that benefits your company.

Content to Attract the Right Candidates

Finding qualified skilled workers will only get worse as Baby Boomers retire. Traditional methods are less effective. There is a better alternative to attract the new skilled worker.


What People Say

I have been working with Paul for approximately a year. During that time he has assisted us with several items including blog writing, press releases, video editing and production. His work has always been high quality and completed in a timely manner. I personally find Paul to have critical thinking skills and a perspective to his work that is very refreshing and often not easily found. I would have no issues with recommending Paul and would be more than happy to be contacted regarding his professional work.

Ray Erbe President Electro Kinectic Technologies

Paul has worked for us on several projects—developing great scripts videos, making our web content stand out from the competition, and writing winning sales letters and putting marketing in line with our sales emphasis. He understands our primary purpose: to generate and convert sales. Plus, he quickly grasps important aspects of our industry, reducing any learning curve. It clearly shows up in his writing and we see the results of his efforts.

Randy Ruder VP, Business Development Schuette Metals

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