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Helping manufacturers through effective content
Understanding the marketplace

28 Years of Experience

Sure, there are times when companies want to go unnoticed.

Today's marketplace frequently call for marching bands and fireworks to rise above the noise.

Award-winning content positions your company before target audiences with that right amount of flair without being perceived as self-serving. You want a skilled professional able to quickly grasp everything about

your company and translate it into "wow!"

I’ve developed marketing content for  28 years—long before content marketing was a buzzword. It doesn’t matter what you call it. It’s all about the bottom line. My focus is helping manufacturers, particularly smaller companies, achieve marketing success. I improve content. I deliver results. I move the prospect to take positive action. If you want results, contact me now!

Helping manufacturers effectively reach the target audience

The challenge of breaking through the noise to the marketplace becomes more difficult by the day. We are helping manufacturers, material handling companies and alternative fuel companies reach the target audiences. Ours is a process based upon understanding every intricate

aspect of both the client and marketplace. We discover the pain points and craft a plan to achieve the desired results. These results include helping manufacturers deliver their own content, writing it on behalf of and/or providing marketing consulting.

PSchroeder Marketing Communications, LLC

It's all about results. Traditional sales messages don’t work well in today’s tech-driven marketplace. I work with manufacturers (material handling, metal fabrication, alternative fuels), revising their messaging so it moves prospects to take positive action. This messaging works in harmony with your sales goals. It complements the efforts of your sales team. Learn how we are helping manufacturers by contacting me.

Paul J Schroeder

Competition is fierce. I believe good companies deserve success. Manufacturers and alternative fuels companies shouldn’t lose out because ineffective messaging doesn’t support sales efforts. Learn how my passion for writing is helping manufacturers and will benefit your company’s sales, marketing and staffing goals.

Some Of Our Clients

PSchroeder Marketing Communications works with a diverse group of clients representing manufacturing and industries including material handling, autonomous vehicle, environmental, alternative fuels and industrial design. Learn how we can help your company by contacting us for a no-obligation discussion.


What People Say

There's only one person we contact when we need assistance with any kind of writing project, and that's Paul. He's highly professional, always has a great attitude and delivers a high quality product - an absolute pleasure to work with. I highly recommend him - his work speaks for itself.

Paul Parisi Director of Business Development East Coast Storage Equipment Company

Paul has worked for us on several projects since 2009—developing great scripts videos, making our web content stand out from the competition, and writing winning sales letters and putting marketing in line with our sales emphasis. He understands our primary purpose: to generate and convert sales. Plus, he quickly grasps important aspects of our industry, reducing any learning curve. It clearly shows up in his writing and we see the results of his efforts.

Randy Ruder VP, Business Development Schuette Metals

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