Social Media Content

Social media content is no longer deserves the fad label it had 10 years ago. Done correctly, it is a highly effective tool to influence, promote and persuade. However, many manufacturers still fail to grasp social media and its content.

The best method of succeeding with social media is the same as any other medium: know your audience. That knowledge dictates the social media platform(s) best able to deliver desired outcomes. Don’t assume. LinkedIn has the reputation of being “the” business social media platform. But the pipeline to your audience might have a more robust presence on a different platform. Research and test everything.

Consistently social

Once you have a solid understanding of your audience, focus on consistency. Posting five times one week followed by once over the next three months is a recipe for failure. This does not mean companies should post several times a day or week. It does mean your knowledge of the target audience should dictate the quantity, time and variety of posts. Still, your company must have reliable consistency in its social media schedule.

Social media content

The social media content companies post play a significant role in attracting (or pushing away) prospects. Too many manufacturers use social media content in a similar manner as paid advertising.  The focus is on selling, pushing out sales-oriented information. There is a place for this type of post but it should not be the main emphasis. Prospects, whether in person or on social media, want value. Give them what they want.

The challenge and answer

Social media has changed over the past decade. So have basic perceptions of these platforms. Still, when its crunch time, management wants to see everyone working hard. Posting social media content isn’t always perceived as fitting that paradigm.

The truth is most marketing departments have more than enough work. While most organizations now understand the value of this marketing tactic, few have the resources available for the commitment required.

There is another way. Outsourcing some or all aspects of social media is a viable alternative to hiring additional staff. Learn more about our social media content program and options fitting your specific need.


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