Marketing options: constant and change

Manufacturers have more marketing options today. Marketers no longer rely on the traditional marketing options (trade publications, newspaper, direct mail, etc.). The Internet opened a vast array of new choices. These options promise new ways to reach the prospect. It also creates more potential for problems and confusion.

Should you abandon all the “old-fashioned” tactics and jump with both feet to use the latest technology? The answer of course, is no and/or maybe. There are many shiny new objects promoted as the best option for generating leads, nurturing and engaging prospects. The question you must ask is what makes sense for your company.

Many stopped using direct mail in favor of email. The rationale of no postage or printing costs associated with email made it very appealing. That tactic worked very well in the early days of email. Unfortunately, email has become the new direct mail.

Helping marketing options make sense

Before jumping from one tactic to another, analyze your market. What do you know about prospects in your target audience? This type of information goes a long way in determining the marketing options making the most sense for target audiences.

Furthermore, new marketing tactics are not necessarily better than tried and true methods. Take direct mail for example. As mentioned before, many manufacturers switched to email as a way to reach prospects without the cost of postage and printing. Email marketing does work, but so does direct mail. In fact, direct mail now works better than email in many instances. A well-written direct mail piece has drawn eight percent or more. The key is understanding the marketplace and the need.

How to determine the best option(s)

Every company is a little different. What works for one manufacturer will not always work for another. We can help you by providing as much or as little help in constructing an effective marketing program using the best marketing options. Find out more by contacting us today.

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