Custom content for manufacturers

Custom content. What is it and how will it benefit your manufacturing company?

The truth is content customized to your company’s goals comes in many forms. The outcome always has the same focus: moving people to take positive action.

There is no “one-size-fits-all” approach with custom content. As the name implies, the content is developed with specific goals in mind. This may result in a blog piece to explain the best options for laying out a conveyor system. It could be a white paper making a case for autonomous vehicles. Shooting a video, describing quality tests of a finish coat of paint on a piece of construction equipment is another.

Where to find custom content

Every manufacturer regardless of its products has a story to tell. And that’s what prospects want. Aren’t statistics important? Sure, but research proves that people remember stories far longer than they do statistics.

Custom content focuses on the questions prospects ask. It offers information they value and helps keep your company top-of-mind even when your sales team doesn’t have access to decision makers.

Speaking of your sales team, they are the best source of information when developing custom content. Their interactions with prospects provide insight into the thought process of the prospect. Our process of developing custom content begins with Q&A with your sales team. Patterns frequently appear, providing the background needed to write winning content.

Overcoming the challenge of custom content

Knowing what custom content is needed sometimes causes another challenge: content creation. Creating custom content is the biggest challenge for most manufacturers. First, not every manufacturer has someone on staff with the skills to communicate this information effectively. However, the other challenge is one of time. Not having enough time to develop custom content and maintain a consistent schedule ruins more content marketing efforts than any other obstacle.

We have a better option. Contact us today for a free 10-minute consultation to see if it makes sense for your company.

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