Content marketing examples that built sales-focused relationships

Learn how companies like yours built sales-focused relationships using marketing vehicles with quality content.

  1. Schuette Metals wanted to gain more exposure for its innovative approach to manufacturing and entered the Wisconsin Manufacturer of the Year competition. Working with the staff, I wrote their story covering all facets of manufacturing, technology and service to the community. This paper resulted in Schuette Metals being recognized as a Wisconsin Manufacturer of the Year out of a field of 34 companies.
  2. Telling a companies story is often accomplished through papers such as a case study.
  3. Alltrista Thermoformed Products needed a brochure to explain a consolidation of three plastics companies into one division. The brochure helped retain major clients including companies like General Motors, Ford, and John Deere. This resulted in more than $5 million in saved business.
  4. Another company in the Alltrista family wanted to demonstrate the durability and strength of its plastic table product and needed a postcard to invite prospects to a booth at a trade show for prospects in the banquet industry. The postcard delivered 47.3% more prospects to the trade show booth than the past two years combined.
  5. A sign and incentives manufacturer needed sell sheets for their first trade show. The young company never had collateral material before and wanted to make a splash with prospects. The sell sheets helped the company convert 12 new clients from the show.
  6. A well-known pottery manufacturer wanted to announce a new line of pottery products to the media. The press release captured the attention of two television stations, major newspapers in Chicago, Memphis, Milwaukee and Madison and two trade publications resulting in a successful launch of the pottery.
  7. An international faith-based relief and development organization communicated with its donors through a bimonthly newsletter. The newsletter increased circulation to more than 324,000 in five years.
  8. The Wausau Region Chamber of Commerce needed a video/script to promote a daylong workshop to help businesses in the region cope with the economic downturn. The video helped attract 116 business leaders to the workshop, more than 14% higher than anticipated.

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