Frequently Asked Marketing Questions

1. What exactly do you do?
The quick and easy answer is I write marketing copy for B2B companies to help them increase sales.

The longer answer is I help companies build sales-focused relationships by writing marketing content for a variety of marketing vehicles. This contributes to increased lead generation and other profitable customer actions for B2B companies (including material handling, CNG, metal fabrication) , making it easier for your company's  sales team to achieve sales objectives and keep people gainfully employed.

As a marketing copywriter, the types of  projects I focus on provide effective content marketing in a variety of media including, but are not limited to:
1. Web content
2. Video scripts
3. Brochures
4. White papers
5. Articles/feature stories
6. Social media

I also do some marketing consulting when asked and that’s generally for smaller companies.

2. Is this something you’re doing until you find a full-time gig?
I’m not auditioning for employment with your company or a competitor’s. My only focus is helping you and your company achieve its goals so that I become a welcome part of your team . . . but ONLY when needed.

3. So how does this work?
First, we talk . . . doesn’t matter if it’s in person, via phone, Skype or some other manner. I need to know more about the marketing communications project to see if it’s a fit with my services and your timeline. Then, I want to know everything there is to know about your company, its product(s), the target audience (including their needs, wants and desires) and why they should buy from you.

Assuming we agree to move forward, I’ll get to work on your project, coordinating with your people.

You will receive a draft within an agreed upon time with a final draft/product when needed for your deadline—no exceptions.

4. Do you have the ability to take a project from beginning to completion?
If you mean, can I take for example, an ad concept and deliver a finished product, the answer is yes. I do have partnerships with many freelance professionals including video, photography, web design and graphics.

5. Who uses your services?
Companies of every size and shape. However, my industries of specialization are material handling, CNG and metal fabrication.

Everyone is running a leaner operation. Deadlines are shorter and needs are greater for more quality marketing content. People who use a B2B copywriter fall into three categories:
a. Large corporations that use a copywriter as a strategy to maintain a high level of quality, effective B2B marketing communications while keeping overhead low.
b. Companies that cut back staff to remain competitive in this new economy.
c. Smaller companies that cannot afford to pay for an in-house marketing department or the high billable hours charged by ad and marketing agencies.

6. What do you charge?
I charge by the project, not by the hour. Why? Simple. People like agencies and lawyers charge by the hour. While most have a quality reputation, people always seem to have a lingering thought that the hours might be padded a little.

Charging by the project means I am paid the same whether the project takes two weeks or one day. So you get what you want without worrying about the meter running up a larger bill.

Specific costs? Every project is different. Without knowing all the details, the best I can offer is a ballpark guess. However, my fees are neither the highest nor the lowest if that helps.

7. If I want something tomorrow, can I get it?
Possibly, but as previously stated, I need more information to give you an intelligent answer.

8. When can you start?

When would you like me to start? Pick up the phone and dial (715) 370-2222 or email now!